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A Morning with Sour Flour

Baking at La Victoria.   The Sour Flour baking process is an extensive one, spanning over 7 hours. It takes 7 hours to transform flour, water, and salt into a symphony of flavors and aromas known as the Sour Flour loaf. The process starts at 7:30A.M. The starter from the night before is inspected to […]

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Noe Valley Farmers Market

Every Saturday, at 3861 24th St, Noe Valley holds an open Farmer’s Market for whoever cares to venture out at an early hour. You can find purveyors of fresh zucchini, strawberries, kale, fennel, grass-fed meats, fresh goats cheese, fine French pastries, completely gluten free desserts, as well as a number of other raw and prepared […]

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The biggest thing since sliced bread

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1000 Free loaves

Through my experiences at Sour Flour, I have faced trials and tribulations. Some have stemmed from the development of my sourdough baguette, the majority have come from giving my bread away. One of my tasks at Sour Flour has been to bake and give away 1000 loaves of bread, I never thought giving away free […]

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learning about controlling dough temperatures

Gauging time and temperature   Time and temperature are directly related to each other in terms of bread making. To encourage fermentation at it’s most safe and fastest state, it is crucial to control the temperature of your dough. The first thing I do as a baker upon entering the bake shop is lay out […]

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