Noe Valley Farmers Market

Every Saturday, at 3861 24th St, Noe Valley holds an open Farmer’s Market for whoever cares to venture out at an early hour. You can find purveyors of fresh zucchini, strawberries, kale, fennel, grass-fed meats, fresh goats cheese, fine French pastries, completely gluten free desserts, as well as a number of other raw and prepared foods. The farmer’s market is an easy and beneficial way to support your community. Proceeds make their way to local farms, and small business, creating a symbiotic relationship between business and community. The Noe Valley Farmer’s Market is a one stop food spot, for all of your grocery needs. One thing you will always find at the Market is Sour Flour’s signature bread. The loaves, rolls, and bagels make their way out of the oven at 7am Saturday morning, by 8am they are placed on display, ready for sale. By 11am what’s left of the sourdough bread is just starting to lose it’s residual heat, still fresh and ready for a hungry stomach. Always expect local musicians to be playing classics, along with their own music all morning long, some even have CD’s for distribution. The live music makes the Noe Valley Farmer’s Market the perfect place to take your child on Saturday morning, there is plenty of space to roam and a matted area for families to sit and enjoy lunch. By morning’s end, 1pm, the Farmer’s Market is nearly out of product, signified when Elizabeth, the Market manager, rings her cow bell. The Noe Valley Farmer’s Market’s mission is to introduce local, farm fresh produce to the community, so stop by next Saturday and see what it’s all about.

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