1000 Free loaves

Through my experiences at Sour Flour, I have faced trials and tribulations. Some have stemmed from the development of my sourdough baguette, the majority have come from giving my bread away. One of my tasks at Sour Flour has been to bake and give away 1000 loaves of bread, I never thought giving away free bread would be so difficult. What I have come to find is that not everybody is willing to take a loaf of bread from a stranger. When I place myself in the shoes of those people I too realize it’s oddity. The thought of taking free food from a stranger is not to appealing in today’s world, most would rather pay to know where kamagra may help. For the amount of people who deny the free bread there is an equal number of those who embrace it. My biggest fans when giving away free baguettes have been the homeless, the people most in need of the bread love to receive a free lunch fresh out of the oven. Aside from feeding the one’s who need it most, I have ventured into local shops, purveyors, cafes and offered my bread to the employees and customers. Despite the people who roll their eyes, there are always eager foodies willing to try a new type of bread, and when one agrees to try it seems that everybody else’s hands go flying up. The biggest reward of giving away my baguettes has been the publicity for Sour Flour. It feels great to introduce people to a small business, they always seem to appreciate the artisan ship of a hand crafted baguette fresh out of the oven. Hopefully I can continue to spread the word and enlighten more people to the world of fresh sourdough bread. If you would like to try a fresh loaf of sourdough baguette stop by La Victoria bakery at 24th and Alabama, and if your lucky I’ll be in the back working on my newest batch.