La Victoria Bakery

La Victoria Bakery, the Mission’s flagship Mexican panaderia, started renting out space in its kitchen to local food producers in 1963. These days, it’s a full-fledged food community of 10 or so different businesses, sharing food and laughter in the heart of the Mission. We started baking here in 2010 and have been eternally grateful for their hospitality since. Not only do we use La Vic’s tables, equipment, and oven, we are fortunate enough to tap into their production and distribution staff. Here, you can find our full selection of Sour Flour breads, bagels, and pretzels alongside traditional conchas, elotes, cuernos, and many more. Please don’t hesitate to stop by, have a cafecito, and soak in the culture of San Francisco.

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  1. Hi there. I am inquiring as to when your bread classes are offered. I travel to SF periodically and I am very new to baking bread. I would love to learn more.

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