Sour Flour Beginner Baker's Kit

One of the great things about bread is that it can be made in so many ways, and with such a variety of equipment and ingredients. However, before you are comfortable and experienced with bread, the huge number of options can easily become overwhelming. With the Sour Flour Baker’s Kit, I have put together a set of tools and instructions that will make it easy to create a delicious loaf of bread with very little effort.

The Sour Flour Beginner Baker’s Kit includes:
– 1 Blarf Baby (the starter that will be the basis for all of your breads)
– 5kg Flour
– 100g Salt
– 100g Cornmeal
– 1 Mixing Bowl
– 2 Proofing Bowls
– 2 Starter Containers
– 10 Ingredient Containers
– 2 Muslin Bowl Cloths
– 1 Canvas Couche
– 2 Half Sheet Pans
– 1 Bench Scraper
– 1 Bowl Scraper
– Full Instructions

The cost for the kit is $50. If you already have the necessary supplies, and all you want is a Blarf Baby, I can send you one for free. To order a kit or your Blarf Baby, please send me an email at or call me at 415-509-3380.

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