More Free Bread

We are now steadily increasing the amount of bread we are baking and selling, but that does not mean that you can’t still get free bread. We have two more bakers who have embarked upon 1,000 free loaves of bread. Cat Shimizu and Jessica Morris are baking several days a week at La Victoria, and looking for people who want to try their bread.

The current schedule is Cat baking in the afternoon on Bagel Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon, and Jessica baking in the afternoon on Bagel Monday, in the evening on Wednesday, and in the morning on Friday. To figure out the best time to get a loaf reserved, just email

As bakers experiment with different hydrations, ratios, temperatures, timings, food, and technique, you will see and taste a variety of changing bread. With practice, the bread will continue to improve until it is beyond delicious.

If you are interested in purchasing our standard Sour Flour Loaf, Val is currently baking away Tuesday-Friday by 3PM at La Victoria Bakery. The loaves cost $4.