Sour Flour Workshops

Sour Flour Workshops are a way to introduce people into the world of baking bread. Many of the people who attend our workshops have never baked any bread before, and they walk away comfortable with the fact that baking doesn’t have to be hard. We also get many people who have baked before, and they almost always leave with extra knowledge or a useful trick for working with dough or their starters.

But the real benefit in Bread Education within Sour Flour is completely outside of the Workshops. We always encourage people to email us with questions, or call the Sour Flour Hotline (415) 509 – 3380 if they want to know more about baking bread. Bread baking is a skill, and anyone who wants to bake really good bread, will need to practice a lot. Anyone can do it, but it does require time. Luckily, if someone is truly interested, they can speed up the process massively, by reaching out and asking for help.