Getting Bread is Easier than Ever!

We recently started our Home Delivery Program of fresh bread, which allowed us to get bread directly to the customer. We started off using a complicated zone map and did all the deliveries ourselves. It was hard, and not efficient in the slightest. But we are now pleased to partner with TCB Courier for all of our bread deliveries. TCB Courier is a San Francisco Company that does delivery all over the city by bike. This means we can get back to focusing on the baking.

You can email your bread orders to, or call (415) 509 – 3380. Sour Flour Loaves cost $4, including delivery.

If you live in the western half of San Francisco (Richmond, Sunset, SF State, and generally west of Twin Peaks), we are currently limiting bread deliveries to Saturday and Bagel Monday. Anywhere else, we can get you bread any day of the week.

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