Bagel Monday Weekly Review, 1/17/2011

Bagel Monday
: Mixed on Saturday night with 175X, and bagels overfermented. Were very light, but a bit too sour.
: Oven range was cleaned the night before, and oven kept going out, or getting stuck on.
: 119 bagels were made. The majority were delivered across the city with bread orders.
– Create Bagel Order form
– Create Bagel Evaluation form

Bread Education
: Sold 287 vouchers for Bread Education classes through Homerun
– Create descriptions for Starter Workshop, Dough Development Workshop, and Baking Workshop.
– Email Magic Curry Man to finalize class at La Cocina
– Email 18 Reasons to finalize Bagel Workshop
– Email Homerun members explaining how they can signup for classes
– Email Bread Education List updated schedule

Communal Oven
– Call real estate company about land at Alabama and 21st
– Build Oven costs into Financial Model

– Send updates to Sour Flour Community
– Send updates to Bread Education
– Send updates to Bread Customers
– Post information about daily batches
– Update photos in Flickr

* Generate Income Statement for November 2009 – November 2010.
– File taxes
: Raised over $6,000 from pre-orders on Bread Education classes through HomeRun.
– Create Cash Flow document for 2011 Projections
– Call JFCS about applying for loan
– Create Monthly Revenue file for January

– Split Map of Customers into Zones
– Allow people to enter their Zone through Mailchimp
– Create Production Schedule for this week
– Talk to Jaime about Thursday delivery for Beautifull
– Create Sour Flour Bread Signup Flier
– Signup for Salesforce Trial

Improving Baking
– Apply for SFBI Artisan II Scholarship
– Visit Tartine
– Signup for Josey Baker Bread Starter Workshop
– Purchase a mill

: Information
– Todo
+ Done
* Priority

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