Bagel Monday Weekly Review, 12/20/2010

: Made 30 bagels with Type 85 flour at 54% hydration and 65X expansion
: Bagels were a bit overfermented, but sat unprotected in hot oven room overnight
: Shaping happened in the morning, with a 1.5 hour proof. Crust was too thick and some bagels came apart
– We must make sure to have a minimum of 3 hours proof
: Customer came in and told us she would gladly pay for bagels. She also may try being a home Bagel Monday Baker
– Create directions for joining in as a home Bagel Monday Baker
: Sold 16 bagels to Luke’s Local
– Sent 6 bagels to John Quintos. Need to hear how it went
– Jolene Wright sent an email saying “The bagels were amazing”. Ordered 12 for 1/4/2010 at 720 California Street. Will be charging deliver fee of $5.31 for $1/km.
+ Roger Feely will be helping out with Bagel Production on 12/27. Need to create Production Plan (use 2 sacks of flour for 500+ bagels)
: Jewish Contemporary Museum still considering 1000 bagel order for 3 Bagel Sunday (film) party

Bread Education
: Received more inquiries on January classes
* Need to make January schedule of classes
: Continued to connect with 18 Reasons for classes, who now allow for $75/class instructor fee
+ Urban Kitchen is now promoting a class for us for February 3rd
– Look into having the Bold Italic promote a class
+ Follow-up with Forage SF on bread workshop
+ Create gift certificates for “Give the gift of bread”
+ Add Bread Education revenue projections to Business Plan
– Follow-up with Scott about Bread Class

Communal Oven
: Paid rent for December for La Victoria

: Reformatted website to simplify, and use as a hub for Communication
: Bagel Monday Weekly Review Minutes will now be accessible from website
– Photos and video need to be uploaded from last week’s Bagel Monday and bread production
– Write Vision for what Sour Flour will be
– Make contact info easily available from website
: Created @sourflour email for Mary
+ Create @sourflour email for Elliott

– Get advice from David Chan on finance
– File taxes from our last year
– Create Cash Flow sheet
– Invoice Luke’s Local for 24 bagels on 12/13/2010 and 16 bagels on 12/20/2010
+ Invoice Elisabeth for 4 loaves of bread on 12/17/2010
– Follow up with potential Investor from JFCS
: Talked to Wells Fargo about line of credit or loan. Seems unlikely to be able to get
– Talk to Mission National Bank about switching

: Created logo based on handwritten Sour Flour
– Create Production Calendar
– Create signup for Fresh Bread Delivery (Name, Address, Phone, Email)
: Setup Computer in Bake Room at La Victoria

Improving Baking
: Baked 48 loaves for Underground Market. Took about 1 hour to shape all bread.
– Find another date to visit Central Milling
: Got notes and tips from another baker about English Muffins
– Put rolls into Production Calendar

: Information
– Todo
+ Done
* Priority

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