Group Event Starter Workshop

Learn about sourdough baking through the hands-on activity of feeding and taking care of a starter. In this workshop we will explore the 5 factors that affect fermentation, both within your starter, as well as your dough. In addition to feeding the starter together, everyone will get an opportunity to mix a sourdough batch, learn how to develop and strengthen the dough, and either bake off as a flatbread, or proof for a fresh home baked loaf.

Our agenda will include having everyone share their bread experiences and current baking knowledge, facilitate hands-on activities with starter and dough, breakout sessions in teams to develop each dough, and opportunity for question and answers throughout. Handout provided for future bread baking, as well as opportunity to call in to the Sour Flour Hotline for bread help.

Supplies include one sourdough starter and instructions for the host/facilitator to feed and distribute to all members prior to the scheduled workshop. Also included are pre-weighed flour, water, and salt for each participant to mix their doughs.

Price: $80/person.

Time: 2 hours.

Workshop via Zoom.

Contact us at to confirm event date, location & payment.