Bagel Monday Weekly Review, 2/1/2010

Last Week’s Review

Bread Trainings have been set for Wednesday February 10, and February 26 from 1-4pm. Will begin tracking projects through a list per Area of Focus.

Area of Focus Review

  1. Bagel Monday
    Project: Bagel Monday condiments still needed: Lox and Cream Cheese
  2. Bread Training
    Americorps Bread Training was successful, need to follow up Americorps
    Project: Create Training Manual
  3. Communal Oven
    Bread made at Mission Pie will be distributed at United Market
    Project: Map potential Communal Oven sites in the Mission
  4. Communications
    Project: Translate SF Essentials into Spanish
  5. Finance
    Project: Business Plan
    Project: Send out Donation letters
  6. Operations
    Volunteer meeting is set for 2/17/10. This meeting will introduce people to current status of Sour flour and engage them as volunteers (especially for Bagel Monday and Bread Training)
    Project: Establish Board of Directors
    Project: Write By-Laws

This week

  1. Bagel Monday-Success!
    24 bagels made, began mixing Bagel Monday morning, finished at 3:30pm
    Chris paid $5 for 6 bagels
    Used high gluten flour, needed more water, %55 hydration. Bagels tasted delicious!
    Bagel monday is doing well, focus will be on maintaining this level, rather than pushing it more.
  2. Bread Trainings
    Local Eatery: Mission has offered facilities for Bread Trainings
    18 Reasons has offered use of their facilities for Bread Trainings
    Project: Training Manual
  3. Communication
    People Folder reviewed: Sour flour has a massive community
  4. Finance
    Donation letter will be sent out 2/3
    Need money for payroll by 2/27: $3,000
    Project: Sour Flour’s own 501c3
  5. Operations
    Project: Sellers Permit
    Project: Health Permit
    Register with EDD
    Visit SBAC
  6. Improve Baking
    Applied to La Cocina
    Project: Complete class at SF Baking Institute
    Project: Do shift at Brick Maiden