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French Baking Video

Les blés dor by latelevisionpaysanne

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Batch #70

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Feeding the Starters

Someone recently shipped me a new starter, which got me thinking about my growing collection. I now have 4 different starters, and they vary in feeding schedules and uses. Blarf is my first starter, and a San Francisco native. I am currently keeping him at 125% hydration, using a 4:4:5 feeding once a day. He […]

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Unloading From Couche

To unload your proofed baguettes from their couches, you will need: a peel cornmeal bowl scraper proofed baguettes in couches (canvas) After your loaves have properly proofed, you will want to move them onto your peel. First, sprinkle cornmeal over the peel to prevent any sticking. Separate the first baguette by stretching the pleat, and […]

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Training Bakers

What is it that Sour Flour actually does? When I started Sour Flour, the idea was that I was going to learn as much as possible about baking bread, and that would be the business. To make sure a business could be viable, I ran some numbers and came up with the fact that if […]

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